Business is a funny thing. There are two rules to getting lots of business.

The first rule is location. You want a location that can be easily seen by the public. You want a business that has a location that offers easy and plentiful parking. You want a location that allows for plenty of room to grow in the future.

The second rule is Advertising. The more you spend in advertising the better you will do. The number of people that see your advertising is key. You do not want to throw your money away to “experiment” on viewership. You have done it, I have done it. I don’t ever want to do it again and neither do you.

Kona websites

What If I could supply with both for between $100 – $200? I have the ultimate location, room to grow, and an advertising venue that will bring more and more people to your Kona Business.

I create websites with domain names that I have kept hidden in many cases for up to 15 years that I am now offering to business owners on a month-to-month rental basis.

I have made the opportunity to have an excellent domain name and a beautiful website, AFFORDABLY. Whether you already have a website or haven’t been able to get a “good one” set up because of cost or time, this is your opportunity to have an amazing website or another business location bringing new leads in everyday!


The “whole website” is for rent. We will modify it to your business name, your pictures, your price lists, your contact information. Try it out for a month. See how your new website rolls off your tongue when you tell people.

Call Ryan with at (808) 640-0072 to reserve a website right away! With $100-$200 down and in another 30 days $100-$200. If it does not produce, you can walk away at anytime, or you can rent for as long as want. There is no commitment to continue past the first month! We are so confident that you will be so proud of your new domain name and website, you won’t want to leave us!


Here is our current available rental portfolio:
(Lease Option to Purchase also available) $100 per month (RENT) $100 per month (RENT) $100 per month (RENT)

Kona.Guide $100 per month (RENT) $100 per month (RENT) $100 per month (RENT) $100 per month (RENT) $100 per month (RENT) $100 per month (RENT) $100 per month (RENT) $100 per month (RENT) $100 per month (RENT) $150 per month (RENT)

KailuaKona.COFFEE $200 per month (RENT) $200 per month (RENT)

CALL AT: (808) 640-0072 or send us a message:

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